My Story

By the time my sister introduced me to essential oils in December, 2015 I was at the tail end of a rough couple of years.  In January, 2014 while traveling as an IT Consultant to Chicago where they had record breaking cold temperatures, I contracted a bad case of Pneumonia.  I ultimately quit a 20+ year smoking habit but put on at least 25 pounds of weight due to stress and snacking.  Juggling projects in Chicago and Seattle, as well as being a part-time caretaker for my Dad who had Liver Cancer, really put a toll on me both mentally and physically.  My work began to suffer and a project that I was responsible for ended badly and cost my employer money due to customer dissatisfaction.  After a 2+ year battle with cancer, my Dad passed away in March, 2015.  So it was, in poor mental and physical health that I started using essential oils.  Immediately, I noticed an improvement in my mood and overall health.  Within a week of using the oils, I couldn’t wait to join Young Living as an independent distributor and share YL with others.

I start my day off with the invigorating oils in Morning Start Bath & Shower Gel.  When working from home, I grab a cup of coffee while I diffuse any of the following oils: Envision, Gratitude, Abundance, or Magnify Your Purpose to keep me focused on what’s important throughout my day.  I also drink 2-4 oz of NingXia Red for a whole body supplement with a drop of Copaiba.  What are some ways you use essential oils?

I enjoy making sense out of things and problem solving.  If you decide to join my YL team as a Member, I will help you to find simple solutions that move you closer to your meeting your goals!

My Dad.

Fun with my nephews.

Young Living’s Mona Lavender Farm.

My favorite essential oil of all time.