OUR Journey

When we started our Young Living journey we set out to do one thing: bring balance to our emotions without the use of synthetics. That’s why we bought a kit! At the time we were unemployed. It was a huge financial leap of faith but since then I’ve learned how to live a healthier, happier life on a budget! What I didn’t know at that time is that these oils and products would do far more for me and my family than I thought possible.

We use oils and YL products everyday – from every aspect of our hair and teeth care, to vitamins to caffeine replacements – YL products have us covered!  With diffusers in most rooms – we always have something that doesn’t just smell great, but lifts our moods, releases tension and much much more.

Apple picking. One of our family’s favorite fall activities.

Homeschool break to be silly.

Tea party time!

Long road tripping it with some Ningxia Nitro. #naturalpickmeup