my Journey

Where did this all begin? Well as a mom I want to give my kids the best that I can. I want for them to grow and learn and explore. I want them to be healthy and happy. I think we can agree that the latter is something we want even for ourselves. So with that let me just say that I have three wonderful little girls. They are kind, and thoughtful. They are smart and funny, and they have a TON of energy!!!! Now as wonderful as that all sounds as a mom that can be a lot. So as they got older the amount of energy and inability to sit and focus was becoming an issue, not just at home but also in school. I knew I wanted to stay as natural as possible and so I started looking into essential oils as an alternative and I am so glad that I did. That’s when I found Young Living Essential Oils. Not only has this been a game changer for my daughters, who are now able to focus and harness their energy, but also for me. Oils have so many wonderful benefits, like helping to keep me calm and balanced with all this crazy “girly” drama going on. Also with sleep, YES sleep is now a thing again…all night long sleep! How about a little extra umph in your step? Yup there is an oil for that. YL has got you covered! My family is healthier and happier because of the wonderful “liquid gold” we have found in our essential oils.  By far Young Living Essential Oils has been the best decision I have ever made for my families overall health and wellbeing.

My girls

The oldest


My baby