My Journey

My journey began when my family wanted to find a holistic approach to living ‘above’ the wellness line. We wanted to be proactive in our health and well being vs. being reactive when we would began to have ‘problems’ or concerns with our health care. Also, we found ourselves in a position with some concerns for my husband’s health at that time and with our nine year old as it related to his attention while homeschooling.

Once I attended the Essential Oils 101 class that a fellow homeschooler invited me to the rest was history. As a result our entire life-style has greatly changed.

We diffuse essential oils all day – every day throughout our home. We switched our toothpaste, cleaning items, personal care products and daily supplement regimen to essential infused products.

No more chemicals for this family.

As for our farm animals…..we tend to them with YL essential oils too.

Caring for ourselves these past three years has exclusively been done with #MyHeavenlyFathersOils (this is what I call our essential oils.)

#BeOily #BeHealthy #BeBlessed


My ‘Why!’

What I do!

What I confess.

Daily intake! (NingXia Red)

My mindset.

How I live.

The mission.

Personal development!